Break Trail Strategies

Strategic Business & Management Consulting

This is a great time to assess operations, update communications, review budgets, and define, update, or create strategic goals!

To Optimize Business Operations:

  • Develop well-defined goals that align with your mission and vision
  • Ensure operations, budget, and communications are aligned
  • Review the infrastructure (policies, processes, staffing, job descriptions, budgeting) to prepare for growth opportunities
  • Develop benchmarks to confirm goals are on track or allow you to adjust as needed

Our Client Services

Recent client work includes:

  • Revamping Performance Evaluation content and forms
  • Creating training manual for performance evaluation process
  • Redesigning website structure and content
  • Developing a business plan for a real estate development startup
  • Board and Executive strategic planning retreats
  • Completing a business analysis for a university's HR Department and operations, with recommendations that have already transformed business operations
  • Managing the Request for Proposals submission for tax credits for low income and accessible housing developments in Maryland
  • Managing a $3M grant submission for a telecommunications company in Oklahoma
  • Creating or rewriting website content and developing wireframes for nonprofits and startups in Colorado
  • Facilitating nonprofit board strategic planning sessions

Why Break Trail Strategies?

  • We have experience working for universities, non-profits, government agencies, start-ups, and established companies, so we can easily navigate any type of industry
  • We have worked across product lines, divisions, and agencies to achieve strategic goals for our clients, and we can help you achieve yours too

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