Helping Businesses WIN and EXECUTE Government Contracts

Government contracting can be a rewarding and profitable enterprise. But it can also be daunting, frustrating, and potentially expensive to break into and succeed in this arena. We know – we’ve been there. But it can be done!

Break Trail Solutions can support your team if you’re looking to break into government contracting (WIN), or working to expand your current government portfolio (EXECUTE).

Win Government Contracts

Business submit an average of five proposals before winning a government contract. Don’t be average.

Business woman with a lot on her plate

Do we have a strong costing proposal? Are we compliant? How can we be certain?

Execute Government Contracts

Three business people happy with a new government contract

Do I have the tools and resources to be compliant with my new contract’s deliverables, schedules, and audits?

Smart businessman thinking strategically about tech support, bus. requirements, communication, and HR/coaching expertise support provided by BTS

We offer technology support, communications strategies, coaching and HR expertise, and more.

We helped a client win a $5M proposal.

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