You want to focus on the mission. We think you should too.

You’re passionate about your mission. But is your performance matching your goals?

At Break Trail Solutions, we have demonstrated success in helping leadership in organizations and non-profits improve outcomes and prepare for growth opportunities.

Working from a macro perspective, and with the involvement of leadership and staff, we offer the following support:

  • strategic planning and implementation

  • implementing tools, best practices, and technology to prepare for growth opportunities

  • align communications with strategic goals and ensure consistency across platforms

We help resolve problems so you can focus on achieving your mission.

Performance Strategy




Create a plan that achieves organizational goals and delivers value to stakeholders. Strategic planning is a journey…ready to go?


Identify areas of opportunity and align goals with strategic plan to save money while preparing your business for growth opportunities.

BandW communicators

Create authentic communications that align with the strategic plan, address the mission, and are consistent across business platforms.