About Us

At Break Trail Solutions, we have demonstrated success in helping organizations and non-profits improve outcomes and prepare for growth opportunities. Working from a macro perspective, and with the involvement of leadership and staff, we help improve performance so you can focus on your mission.

Performance Strategy


Create a dynamic strategic plan – your road map to achieving organizational goals and providing clear direction and value to stakeholders.



Identify areas of opportunity to improve performance, maximize existing resources, save money, and position the organization for growth.


Silhouette of two people communicating poorly

Create authentic communications that align with the strategic plan, address the mission, and are consistent across business platforms.

In snowshoeing parlance, a person who breaks trail is the leader who creates a new path through fresh snow for others to follow. It can be hard work, but this critical role leads the team to their desired destination.

Break Trail Solutions was founded to help organizations navigate through periods of difficult transition. We have successfully guided boards, leadership, and  teams through complex operational changes that prepared the organization for growth opportunities while reducing costs.

Contact us for a free consultation to discuss how Break Trail Solutions can help your organization create a path to higher performance – without burning a hole in your budget.