About Us

About the Name Break Trail Solutions

A group of snowshoers breaking a new trail in deep snow up a mountain“Break Trail” is a snowshoeing term used when creating a new trail in fresh snow. It is hard work, especially in deep snow, and it is much easier to follow the person who has “broken” the trail ahead of you. So it makes sense to break a new trail as a team, where everyone works together to get to the end goal.

At Break Trail Solutions, we believe breaking into the world of government contracting can follow the same process; it will be far easier with an experienced team to support you.

Our team of subject matter experts has already broken that trail, and we can support your team as they do the same.

What We Believe

Mission Statement

Break Trail Solutions helps businesses forge new paths for growth.


We tell it like it is – because it’s important to be clear, direct, and timely when a contract or proposal is on the line.


We focus on integrity, reliability, earning and keeping a good reputation, and helping clients achieve the same.


  • To be a sought after, respected government contracting consulting firm with a team that is fulfilled, challenged, and passionate about their work.
  • To have clients that inform our process while gaining a better understanding of how to win and perform on government contracts.