WIN: Three Phases of the Proposal Process

Proposal submission requirements can be extensive and confusing. Preparing and submitting a timely, well-crafted, and compliant proposal takes a lot of planning and time (this is especially true if it’s your first one).

Start by reviewing our free checklist to learn which registrations, documents, and research are needed to be eligible for and prepared to submit a proposal.

1. Go or No Go?

You know you have a good product or service. You want to win a government contract. Yet most businesses need to submit nearly five proposals to do just that.

So how do you ensure you’re going after the opportunities that give you the best chance to win?  There’s actually a process for that.

A consistent method to determine whether or not an RFP you’re considering responding to is worth the effort and expense before you commit the time, energy, expense, and people to it is called a “Go / No Go” approach. The Go / No Go process will ensure you do the following:

  • Respond only to an opportunity that focuses on your core competency.
  • Ensure you can meet the government’s requirements, which may involve restrictions about the size of the business, demographics, security clearances, and relevant past performances.
  • Consider details about the award and your competition.

At Break Trail Solutions, we can help you craft a tailored Go / No Go approach.

Then, once you find the right opportunity to go after, you need to plan and develop a strong proposal.

2. Build a Better Proposal

Trail map

Did you know it takes businesses an average of 24 months and 4.7 unsuccessful proposal submissions to to win its first government contract?

Proposal submission requirements are inflexible – if your submission isn’t fully compliant, you won’t even be considered for the opportunity, even if your company is the best in its field.  Don’t waste the time, resources, and money to prepare and submit a proposal to the government unless you want to do it right.

You have the expertise in your product or service. At Break Trail Solutions, we have expertise in proposal facilitation services from coaching, editing, compliance, and full proposal management. Together, we’ll ensure your proposal submission is anything but average.

It is an offeror’s responsibility to submit a well written proposal, with adequately detailed information which clearly demonstrates compliance with the solicitation requirements and allows a meaningful review by the procuring agency.

— U.S. Government Accountability Office

3. Costing and Compliance

Piggy bank with money flowing in to represent the costing and compliance servicesCosting and compliance is such a critical component to a successful proposal submission, and often the last thing submittors want to worry about.

Government costing requirements are not always the same as in the private sector. If your finance team isn’t well-versed in the Federal Acquisitions Regulations (FAR), your proposal may not be fully compliant. Our consultants are costing compliance experts. We can provide guidance at the outset of the proposal process, offer a review of the costing proposal once its drafted, and provide audit support at any point in the contract.

You have the expertise in your product or service. We have the expertise in all phases of the proposal process. Together, we’ll ensure your submissions are anything but average.

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