Build a Better Proposal

Trail mapTelling your story is important when crafting a proposal for the government.

But clarity, compliancy, accuracy, and knowing your audience all determine whether your proposal will even be scored. We believe focusing solely on telling your story is why it takes businesses an average of 24 months and 4.7 unsuccessful bids to to win its first government contract. Don’t be average.

It is an offeror’s responsibility to submit a well written proposal, with adequately detailed information which clearly demonstrates compliance with the solicitation requirements and allows a meaningful review by the procuring agency.

— U.S. Government Accountability Office

Don’t waste the time, resources, and money to prepare and submit a proposal to the government unless you want to do it right.

Proposal submission requirements can be extensive and confusing. Preparing and submitting a timely, well-crafted, and compliant proposal takes a lot of time, and this is especially true if it’s your first one.

We offer proposal facilitation services from coaching, editing, compliance, to full proposal management.

You have the expertise in your product or service. We have the expertise in bid and proposal strategies. Working together, we’ll ensure your submissions are anything but average.