Lifecycle Support

Whether it’s your first contract or 20th, our consultants’ expertise allows us to provide support from a contract’s early phases, through the full lifecycle of a contract, and beyond. Let us help you grow and succeed. Our lifecycle support includes:

Business & System Requirements

Our consultants have at least 15 years of experience and an in-depth understanding of business information systems, operations, and program management at the team and leadership levels. They can identify how to leverage technology to support your efforts at the contract level and enterprise-wide.

Technology Solutions

Our experienced consultants can review and leverage technology to improve efficiency, maximize potential, and support your team’s ability to meet critical business objectives.

Strategy & Operations

We will work with you to identify operational areas available for optimization. Our consultants have two decades of experience in strategic planning and implementation and overseeing day-to-day operations, so they understand business from all aspects.

Communication Strategies

Our consultants are experts in developing and implementing communication strategies. We believe good communication is the key to every successful project, business relationship, and overall business success, and our team has 20 years of success proving it.

Costing, Negotiations, and Audit Support

Our consultants have serious quals in proposal costing and negotiations, supporting both small companies and multi-nationals. We can provide support for financial audits. Government requirements are not the same as the private sector; you need to be sure your cost proposals are compliant and you’re prepared for government contract requirements.

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