Project Rescue

Project Rescue is a term we use for contracts or programs that are in jeopardy or are struggling to meet the terms of a contract:

  • Have you received informal feedback that performance standards are not being met?
  • Are deliverables or invoices being rejected by the agency’s Contracting Officer?
  • Is your team falling behind on the contract requirements or schedule?

Many factors can adversely affect performance. Staff departures, growing your business faster than your infrastructure, invoicing errors, or staffing up too slowly to meet contract deadlines are common factors. How you respond, and how quickly you respond, can determine the trajectory of your business with the government.

At Break Trail Solutions, we have more than a decade of experience and a passion for improving outcomes and providing long-term operational improvements that can be leveraged across your business.

  • We can perform a Contract Assessment to identify requirements and deliverables, and determine the operational and financial status for a current contract.
  • A Project Rescue Plan will include a contract assessment with solutions and a proposed schedule to turn a struggling contract

Our consultants have turned troubled contracts, projects, and teams into high-performers. Contact Us if your team needs support to get a contract back on track, or if you inherited a contract that you’ve identified as risky.