What to Expect

What can you expect when you work with Break Trail Solutions?

We offer all new clients a free 30-minute initial consultation where we’ll discuss your current state, and your needs and goals. Schedule your initial consultation here, or click on a program area tab below to learn more about our service offerings:

Prior to your first proposal submission:

Free Checklist: Use our free checklist with links to sites where you’ll need to register or provide documentation so that you’re eligible for and prepared to submit a proposal.

Capability Statements (per hour): We can help you create a capability statement that you can use as a template for agencies and proposals that require one. Expect a couple of conversations and a request for information from us before we get started.

Costing proposal review: 

Per hour: Review costing proposals for FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulations) regulations compliance

Costing proposal facilitation:

Per hour: Working with your costing team (Green team), we can facilitate planning for and a final review of costing against the drafted proposal.

New contracts:

Per hour: Do you already know what you need? Schedule a free consultation where we can discuss your service and timing needs. See below for a list of some of our available services.

New contract review: Ideal for businesses new to the contracting work space. To be certain your team gets off on the right path, we’ll review the contract and develop a plan that ensures strong contract performance. Outcomes may depend on the size of the contract, and size and experience of your team

Contract/project assessment: Typically this will be a half-day session where we’ll review the contract, current status, and your available resources. We will work together to identify areas with the highest opportunity, and develop a project plan with contract requirements, milestones, assigned resources, and deadlines. We’ll also identify resource gaps and areas with the highest opportunities.

Implement recommendations: Our consultants can work with your team to implement assessment recommendations, or help develop the tools, templates, and how to use the best practices identified in our assessment.


A sampling of services our consultants can provide:

  • Operations:
    • Project plans
    • Contract requirements and deliverables outline
    • Contract and contract status assessments
    • Operations assessments
    • Gap analyses
    • Quality Control Plans
    • Certifications
    • Reporting templates
    • Resource gap analyses
  • Technology:
    • Technology assessments
    • System requirements
    • Business requirements
  • Financial / Costing:
    • Contract FAR requirements assessment
    • Audit preparation
    • Financial performance assessment
    • Costing and compliance assessments
  • Communications:
    • Strategic communication plans
    • Communication templates / scripts
    • Capability Statements

Ongoing contract support:

Your work doesn’t end when the contract gets underway, and neither does our support. We have expertise at all phases of the contract process:

Per hour: Do you already know what you need? We offer per-hour work for smaller projects.

Two hours session: For larger issues, we will likely start with a two-hour session to determine the level of support you’re looking for, which areas you want to focus on, and create a rough schedule. If the work is tied to a specific contract, we may start with a contract assessment or status discussion.

A sampling of services our consultants can provide:

Business & System Requirements

Our consultants have at least 15 years of experience and an in-depth understanding of business information systems, operations, and program management at the team and leadership levels. They can identify how to leverage technology to support your efforts at the contract level and enterprise-wide.

Technology Solutions

Our experienced consultants can review and leverage technology to improve efficiency, maximize potential, and support your team’s ability to meet critical business objectives.

Strategy & Operations

We will work with you to identify operational areas available for optimization. Our consultants have two decades of experience in strategic planning and implementation and overseeing day-to-day operations, so they understand business from all aspects.

Communication Strategies

Our consultants are experts in developing and implementing communication strategies. We believe good communication is the key to every successful project, business relationship, and overall business success, and our team has 20 years of success proving it.

Costing, Negotiations, and Audit Support

Our consultants have serious quals in proposal costing and negotiations, supporting both small companies and multi-nationals. We can provide support for financial audits. Government requirements are not the same as the private sector; you need to be sure your cost proposals are compliant and you’re prepared for government contract requirements.

Contract Assessment:

Half-day to full-day session: We’ll work together to conduct a full contract assessment where we’ll determine contract requirements and deliverables, and the current status. We’ll identify bottlenecks and areas of highest opportunity. Time permitting, we’ll work together to create prioritized recommendations for getting the contract back on track.

Communications (per hour): We’ll help you create a response to the government that outlines your plan to bring the contract back on track. We can support development of reporting templates, progress updates, and a review of deliverables.

Recommendations implementation (per hour): Our consultants can work with your team to implement the needed tools, templates, and best practices to get the project back on track.